Article brief review of trump

More Videos Dale: I don't usually have to fact-check court briefs. Avlon: 'Trump derangement syndrome' has taken on a new twist. Joe Biden will nominate Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary. Mitch McConnell publicly acknowledges Biden-Harris win. Kasich praises Biden for these two speech moments.

article brief review of trump

Avlon: Massive suspected Russian hack is 21st century warfare. Trump tweets about Bill Barr's departure from White House. Electoral College formally affirms Biden's presidential win. See what George Conway thinks about Trump's refusal to concede. Constitutional scholar responds to Stephen Miller's false election claim.

GOP lawmaker stripped of committee assignments over protest remarks. WH adviser: Trump looking at 'long shot' challenge in Congress. Republican attorneys general of 18 other states are supporting Texas as well.

They are asking the court to invalidate the election results in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, all of which were won by President-elect Joe Biden. The lawyer who filed the Trump brief, John Eastmanmade a series of inaccurate claims in arguing the President's position. Here's a breakdown of some of them. The brief says, "President Trump prevailed on nearly every historical indicia of success in presidential elections.

For example, he won both Florida and Ohio; no candidate in history—Republican or Democrat—has ever lost the election after winning both States. Read More. Facts First : This is false. Richard Nixon lost the presidential election to John F. Kennedy even though Nixon won Florida and Ohio. Also, it would merely be an interesting fact, not evidence of fraud, if Trump was indeed the first candidate to lose an election while carrying Ohio and Florida.

article brief review of trump

Different candidates build different geographic coalitions. The brief says, "In Michigan, the Secretary of State illegally flooded the state with absentee ballot applications mailed to every registered voter despite the fact that state law strictly limits the ballot application process.

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Facts First : The Supreme Court has the final say on what is legal and not, but there is no apparent basis for the claim that Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson broke the law by sending out absentee ballot applications to every registered voter in jurisdictions that were not themselves sending out applications to every registered voter.

The application was available online to be printed out by anyone; even Michigan residents were allowed to mail applications to other residents.

When Trump was asked by reporters in May to explain what he thought was illegal about what Michigan did, he did not offer a specific answer. The brief alleged that "Pennsylvania's Secretary of State issued guidance purporting to suspend the signature verification requirements, in direct violation of state law. Facts First : Again, we defer to the Supreme Court on what is legal -- but it's worth noting that both a unanimous Pennsylvania Supreme Court and a Trump-appointed federal judge both ruled that the signature guidance from Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar was legal.

Both found that nothing in state law requires counties to check whether voters' signatures on ballot envelopes match the signatures on fil e.L ike America, Trump claims to be unique, exceptional, a shining self-creation. This book by his estranged niece demolishes that myth.

Trump was bankrolled at first by an indulgent father, who paid him to be an idle show-off and proudly collected grubby tabloid reports on his antics; nowadays he is propped up by tougher, cannier men such as Vladimir Putin and Senator Mitch McConnellfor whom he is an easily manipulated stooge. His grandfather slunk out of Germany to avoid military service and made a fortune from brothels in Canada.

His father was a landlord who passed himself off as a property developer to rake in government subsidies for schemes that were never built. His mother, born to penury in Scotland, remained so meanly thrifty that every week she dressed up in her fur stole and drove her pink Cadillac around the New York suburbs to collect small change from the coin-operated laundry rooms in buildings the family owned; her piggy banks were empty tin cans that once contained lard.

article brief review of trump

She remained emotionally absent, preoccupied by her ailments, while her husband viewed their male offspring as mere off-prints of himself, begotten to ensure that the family kept a grip on its spoils. Never having received affection, he bestows it on himself in orgies of preening and boasting; the life partners he serially selects seem to have been chosen from a mail-order catalogue.

Melania is a trophy, destined to occupy a glazed niche in a display case. Erotomania can be added to the list of his vices. Whenever Donald attempted to manage an actual business — an airline, casino or dodgy university — the result was bankruptcy. Sadly dim-witted, he even had to hire a surrogate to take the entrance exams for college on his behalf. As viewed by Mary, he is an undeveloped human being, who instantly passed from whiny infancy to doddery old age, missing out the intermediate age of reason and responsibility where the rest of us spend time.

Nations mistakenly see themselves as clans, rather than amalgams of individuals bound by a social contract. Her narrative begins in at the White House, with Donny toasting Donald at a birthday party for his two elderly aunts. Hearing that, Mary begged a waiter to refill her wine glass. In view of the outrages and abuses that lay ahead, she should have asked him to leave her the bottle. To order a copy go to guardianbookshop. Book of the day Autobiography and memoir.

Donald Trump and his father, Fred, in Brooklyn, Peter Conrad.National Review took aim at President Trump in a scathing editorial over his ongoing efforts to challenge the results of the presidential election. The National Review editors deemed Trump's apparent efforts to get local GOP officials to block the voting certification in the key states he lost to Joe Biden his "most reprehensible tactic," calling it a "profoundly undemocratic move" and crediting the "honesty and sense of duty of most of the Republicans involved" that the president's intentions failed.

What America has long expected is that losing candidates swallow those feelings and at least pretend to be gracious. Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox. Odds are against Trump in flipping states: Turley G.

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Wulfsohn is a media reporter for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter JosephWulfsohn. Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox Arrives Weekdays.CNN For all of the words that have been written and spoken about -- and by -- Donald Trump, it's often difficult to put a finger on what makes his presidency so incredibly abnormal.

In each episode of his weekly YouTube show, Chris Cillizza will delve a little deeper into the surreal world of politics. Click to subscribe! More Videos Fact-checking Trump's go-to rally lies. Avlon: 'Trump derangement syndrome' has taken on a new twist.

Too Much and Never Enough by Mary L Trump review – a scathing takedown of Uncle Donald

Joe Biden will nominate Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary. Mitch McConnell publicly acknowledges Biden-Harris win. Kasich praises Biden for these two speech moments. Avlon: Massive suspected Russian hack is 21st century warfare.

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Trump tweets about Bill Barr's departure from White House. Electoral College formally affirms Biden's presidential win. See what George Conway thinks about Trump's refusal to concede.

Constitutional scholar responds to Stephen Miller's false election claim. GOP lawmaker stripped of committee assignments over protest remarks. WH adviser: Trump looking at 'long shot' challenge in Congress. Yes, he says and tweets things that no past president would ever utter publicly. Yes, he operates without any sort of blueprint or plan, choosing instead to wing it.

Yes, he takes credit for everything and blame for nothing. Yes, he has upended decades' worth of carefully crafted relationships with friends -- and enemies -- around the world. But there's just SO much to say about the radicalness of Trump that it all sort of cancels itself out.The high court has asked for responses by Thursday. Out of the roughly 50 lawsuits filed around the country contesting the Nov.

Our Country needs a victory! Seventeen states Trump won last month joined Texas in urging the court to take on the lawsuit less than a week before presidential electors gather in state capitals to formally choose Biden as the next president. The Supreme Court, without comment Tuesday, refused to call into question the certification process in Pennsylvania.

Tom Wolf, D-Pa. Mike Kelly, R-Pa. Conor Lamb, D-Pa. Having lost the request for the court to intervene immediately, Greg Teufel, a lawyer for Kelly and Parnell, said he would request that the court consider the case on its underlying merits on an expedited basis.

In their underlying suit, Kelly, Parnell and the other Republican plaintiffs had sought to either throw out the 2. Just one Republican state lawmaker voted against its passage last year in the Republican-controlled Legislature. Biden beat Trump by more than 80, votes in Pennsylvania, a state Trump had won in Most mail-in ballots were submitted by Democrats.

President Trump goes one-on-one with Chris Wallace - Full Interview

Levy reported from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Associated Press writer Nomaan Merchant in Houston contributed to this report. Trump looks past Supreme Court loss to new election lawsuit. In this Nov. The court without comment Tuesday, Dec. Scott Applewhite. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news.

The Associated Press. All rights reserved.American officials provided a written briefing in late February to President Trump laying out their conclusion that a Russian military intelligence unit offered and paid bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.

The investigation into the suspected Russian covert operation to incentivize such killings has focused in part on an April car bombing that killed three Marines as one such potential attack, according to multiple officials familiar with the matter.

The new information emerged as the White House tried on Monday to play down the intelligence assessment that Russia sought to encourage and reward killings — including reiterating a claim that Mr. Trump was never briefed about the matter and portraying the conclusion as disputed and dubious. But that stance clashed with the disclosure by two officials that the intelligence was included months ago in Mr. One of the officials said the item appeared in Mr. Moreover, a description of the intelligence assessment that the Russian unit had carried out the bounties plot was also seen as serious and solid enough to disseminate more broadly across the intelligence community in a May 4 article in the C.

Late Monday, John Ratcliffe, the recently confirmed director of national intelligence, issued a statement warning that leaks about the matter were a crime. Unfortunately, unauthorized disclosures now jeopardize our ability to ever find out the full story with respect to these allegations.

article brief review of trump

The disclosures came amid a growing furor in Washington over the revelations in recent days that the Trump administration had known for months about the intelligence conclusion but the White House had authorized no response to Russia.

Top Democrats in the House and Senate demanded that all members of Congress be briefed, and the White House summoned a small group of House Republicans friendly to the president to begin explaining its position. The lawmakers emerged saying that they were told the administration was reviewing reporting about the suspected Russian plot to assess its credibility.

They also said the underlying intelligence was conflicting, echoing comments from Ms. McEnany said. Later Monday, Robert C. But in denying that Mr. McEnany told reporters when asked specifically about the written briefing.

Does an Intellectual History of the Trump Era Exist? It Does Now

Trump is said to often neglect reading that document, preferring instead to receive an oral briefing summarizing highlights every few days. Even in those face-to-face meetings, he is particularly difficult to brief on national security matters. He often relies instead on conservative media and friends for information, current and former intelligence officials have said.

American intelligence officers and Special Operations forces in Afghanistan began raising alarms as early as January, and the National Security Council convened an interagency meeting to discuss the problem and what to do about it in late March, The New York Times has previously reported. But despite being presented with options, including a diplomatic protest and sanctions, the White House authorized no response. The assessments pointing to a Russian scheme to offer bounties to Taliban-linked militants and criminals were based on information collected in raids and interrogations on the ground in Afghanistan, where American military commanders came to believe Russia was behind the plot, as well as more sensitive and unspecified intelligence that came in over time, an American official said.

Officials said there was disagreement among intelligence officials about the strength of the evidence about the suspected Russian plot and the evidence linking the attack on the Marines to the suspected Russian plot, but they did not detail those disputes.

Notably, the National Security Agency, which specializes in hacking and electronic surveillance, has been more skeptical about interrogations and other human intelligence, officials said.

Typically, the president is formally briefed when the information has been vetted and seen as sufficiently credible and important by the intelligence professionals. Former officials said that in previous administrations, accusations of such profound importance — even if the evidence was not fully established — were conveyed to the president. David Priess, a former C. Both Mr. Cardillo and Mr. Priess said previous presidents received assessments on issues of potentially vital importance even if they had dissents from some analysts or agencies.

The dissents, they said, were highlighted for the president to help them understand uncertainties and the analytic process.Soon, he expanded the mandate, reading everything he could about Trump and the Trump era — books in all.

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Lozada can be lacerating. The former F. And that, he argues, is also the problem with most of the literature about the Trump presidency.

Fact checking Trump's falsehood-filled Supreme Court brief

In a sense, the Never Trumpers are also the Only Trumpers. The enduring irony of the Trump presidency may be that it brought national attention to, and action against, the systemic racism and casual misogyny that have crippled our society. As a Peruvian immigrant, Lozada writes with great sensitivity about the sense of loss — of home, of culture — that accompanies the thrill of American opportunity for new arrivals.

And here Lozada comes close to the core of the matter: Messing around with the notion of truth is a luxury that comes with affluence. We have spent the past 50 years undermining the basic institutions of society — not just our sense of common purpose and identity, but also normative values like truth and duty and expertise. The politics of consumerism — and grievance — have overwhelmed the politics of unity and responsibility. Its theme insinuates itself gradually: The impeachment proceedings were a clear contest between those who believed in institutions — like truth, expertise, the State Department, congressional budget power — and those who wanted to tear them down.

You may remember the players, especially the disciplined and eloquent representatives of the State Department and the National Security Council. McCusker was forced out for doing her job. They do due diligence, they adhere to protocol.

Their truth is not postmodern. They do their jobs without fanfare; they do not turn their work into self-aggrandizing performance art. Their rigor is what makes our federal government legitimate and credible, despite its flaws. Impeachment was a hard case. In the end, the Democrats probably did themselves more harm than good.

I had forgotten how blatant it was. Transgression now lives on the right, dogmatism on the left. The Republicans, a most illiberal group of libertarians, tear down the pillars of the temple. The pain is excruciating. Carlos Lozada is a book critic, not a policy wonk. Ozio is indolence; it is the laziness that overtakes a republic when it is not at war or in crisis. In America, we experienced 70 years of unprecedented peace and prosperity, without a perceived existential threat, from toa bacchanal of ozio.

In the process, far too many of us lost the habits of citizenship. Truth became malleable.

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